Tuesday, 22 December 2015

What are Quibans?

Quibans are Questions Inspired By A News Story.

Students who are studying the post-16 course referred to as 'Core Maths' need to be able to solve problems and to sift through data as they use mathematics.  One good source of material for this is the media, with the opportunity either to comment on the way mathematics has been used or to work out some things based on a news article or other source.

This blog will include links to the news story (or other material), excerpts from it (as relevant) and then some questions that could be asked.  The questions will not be exhaustive or definitive and it might well be appropriate to ask students to come up with their own questions (and then to answer them).

Quibans 103: Over-subscribed

This Quibans is built around a news article from the Cambridge News headlined: “ The top 10 hardest primary schools to enrol your children i...