Sunday, 16 April 2017

Quibans 61: Easter Eggs

From the Daily Mail:
How much exercise will it take to burn off your Easter egg?

Even if you're dedicated to your fitness regime and healthy eating, you might be tempted to allow some leeway for an Easter treat. But before you crack open that chocolate egg, it might be worth noting just how much exercise you'd have to do to burn off all those extra calories.
There follows a table of values, provided below.  I have added to it the weight of the Easter Eggs (taken from elsewhere in the article).

If you can't see all of the data then you could use the image that follows, or copy and paste into Word or Excel (this works best from IE rather than Chrome).

DairyMilkXL 1,758 5.9hours 3hours 2hours 5.2hours 2.1hours 3.7hours 331
CadburyCaramel 1,683 5.6hours 2.9hours 1.9hours 4.9hours 2hours 3.5hours 331
Mars 1,623 5.4hours 2.8hours 1.8hours 4.8hours 1.9hours 3.4hours 331
Flake/Wispa 1,562 5.2hours 2.7hours 1.8hours 4.6hours 1.9hours 3.3hours 295
DoubleDecker 1,549 5.2hours 2.7hours 1.7hours 4.5hours 1.9hours 3.2hours
Oreo 1,528 5.1hours 2.6hours 1.7hours 4.5hours 1.8hours 3.2hours 278
Snickers 1,429 4.8hours 2.5hours 1.6hours 4.2hours 1.7hours 3hours 274
M&M's 1,385 4.6hours 2.4hours 1.6hours 4.1hours 1.6hours 2.9hours 268
Minstrels 1,357 4.5hours 2.3hours 1.5hours 4hours 1.6hours 2.8hours 262
Aero 1,259 4.2hours 2.2hours 1.4hours 3.7hours 1.5hours 2.6hours 235
Yorkie 1,033 3.5hours 1.8hours 1.1hours 3hours 1.2hours 2.2hours 192
ToffeeCrisp 1,004 3.4hours 1.7hours 1.1hours 3hours 1.2hours 2.1hours 176
MiniEggs 980 3.3hours 1.7hours 1.1hours 2.9hours 1.2hours 2hours 187
CremeEgg 922 3.1hours 1.6hours 1hour 2.7hours 1.1hours 1.9hours 186
KitKat 943 3.1hours 1.6hours 1.1hours 2.8hours 1.1hours 2hours 180
Milkybar 886 3hours 1.5hours 1hour 2.6hours 1.1hours 1.9hours 162
Matchmaker 872 2.9hours 1.5hours 1hour 2.5hours 1.1hours 1.8hours 162
Thorntons 806 2.7hours 1.4hours 54mins 2.4hours 1hour 1.7hours 149
Smarties 680 2.3hours 1.2hours 46mins 2hours 49mins 1.4hours 122

Things to do:
What is the conversion rate between the different types of exercise?
What type of correlation would you expect between the weight of the egg and the number of calories?  Work out the pmcc.  Comment on your answer.

The pmcc between the weight of the egg and the number of calories is 0.993
The correlation is extremely good.  Unsurprisingly, this tells us that heavier eggs (which presumably contain more chocolate) contain more calories!


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